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10 iPhone Apps You Can’t Live Without

Here are 10 iPhone apps you can’t live without!

1. Pageonce Personal Assistant: Manage your accounts, such as banking and investing or bill paying and airline frequent fliers. You can now use this app to handle your monthly bills rather than working your way around 20 different ones.

2. Ring: This IM/messaging client is the only one you need. Provides coverage of Google Talk, AIM, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter, and VoIP calls over Wi-Fi. Those with low credit will relish the prospect of such a great app!

3. Remote: One of the first apps to be shown to the public by Apple, it remains one of the best for its usefulness. Remote turns the iPhone into a remote control and allows iTunes users to access their library wherever they are in the house.

4. AirSharing: A great app for those who need to save files quickly as files can be transferred to the iPhone’s flash memory via Wi-Fi for storage, transport, and easy retrieval.

5. Pandora: This is possibly the best internet radio app with its clever auto-suggest function to tell you about similar music based on other artists you like. Great, either home or away. Streams really well over EDGE and 3G. It’s even free!

6. VNC Lite: View and fully control your computer from anywhere. How many times to you get to school, college, university or work and realise you forgot to bring your work. Possibly one of the most useful apps ever!

7. PanoLab: Multitouch is an excellent interface for stitching photos together into panoramas. Even if the photo you take doesn’t work, delete it and take another one immediately. You can even move on to the paid version for more, which adds even more features.

8. Bloom: A generative, mini-sequencer with music from Brian Eno. Use your finger to manipulate the pastel coloured screen and play a note and create simple loops. Music for when you’re just sat waiting for something that you can make yourself.

9. Shazam: This little app never ceases to amaze. Ever heard a song that you love, then never heard it since because you don’t know the name? Just hold up your phone so that it can pick up the sound of music playing at the supermarket, on television or being hummed by a friend, and have the tune identified in a few seconds. What a brilliant invention!

10. Simplify Media: With this app, you can stream your home computer’s iTunes library and the libraries of up to 30 friends to your phone without having to worry about filling up your 8GB, or even 16.

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