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Archive for November, 2007

» JAVA Security Leak Plugged On Firefox

Good news for Firefox users out there as it has been confirmed that a JAVA security problem has been plugged and the browser is now safe to use with JAVA applications. While Firefox 3 is in beta testing stage, Firefox 2 was where the JAVA problem was found.  Due to a problem with the code […]

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» Is JAVA Finally Set To Appear On The Apple iPhone?

Despite being a surprising absence from the initial iPhone model, it seems that JAVA may be about to finally crack the iPhone market with an update due next year.  If the rumours are correct, Apple are set to release a Software Development Kit in early 2008 which will allow technicians to up load a form […]

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» JavaOne 2008 Conference – What’s happening?

2008 will be the start of the most significant evolution of all 13 years the conference has taken place. This year, they have expanded their topics into areas that are appealing to development. Not just in Java technology, but in areas such as next generation scripting languages, Web 2.0, eCommerce collaboration, business management, and much […]

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» Java – What it is and where it came from.

Java, which refers to many different computer software and specifications from Sun Microsystems, gives a system for creating application software and displays it in a cross-platform environment. Java is used in many different platforms which include many different high-end and low-end uses. Some of the high-end uses include super computers and enterprise servers. On the […]

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» James Gosling and Java

James Gosling is a famous software developer, as many people know already. Gosling, along with a few friends (Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan) are well known and commonly indentified with the creation of the programming language called Java which was created by a company Gosling is employed at called Sun Microsystems. Gosling had originally designed the […]

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» Java vs. C++ – A duel of languages

Most of todays programmers and software developers have already gained an experience with an object-oriented programming language called C++. It is usually reccommended to beginner software developers or programmers. Java and C++ have very many similarities and also have many differences. Lets focus on the differences first. The biggest stumbling block is speed. Java tends […]

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» Is JAVA Part Of The Google Open Handset Alliance?

As the almost inevitable move by Google into the mobile phone market gathers pace, with the announcement of the Open Handset Alliance, there is some confusion as to JAVAs exact part in the project. Are Sun Systems actually involved in the 99 party group, or are they trying to steal the thunder of Google? While […]

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