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Archive for February, 2008

» Qt Jambi – for high-end affluent client applications

Qt Jambi – the finest Java development frame work integrating cross-platform of Trolltech allows Java developers to generate rich client applications for better performance. It includes integrated development tools and comprehensive class library for client applications which dramatically increases the efficacy of Java development. It is built on C++ framework that includes functions for GUI […]

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» Creating A Dynamic User Interface in Java

  Almost all new java programmers want to know that how to create dynamic interfaces in java language. Creating GUI (graphical user interface) is not going to be very easy and something not easy for new programmers. However interface builder can provide you a time and money saving solution to build a dynamic user interface […]

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» How To Download Java And Its Applications

Java is a language which is very popular all around the world and most of developer like to know where you free download java language. Java download is available on thousands of websites like http://www.apple.com/ and java.sun.com on internet where you can find its latest versions for different operating systems like java download for windows […]

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» USB Gadgets make ideal birthday gifts

It’s that time of year again, someone special’s birthday is coming up and you’ve no idea what to buy them from the myriad of gifts available in every size, shape and price you can dream of, and some you’d rather wish you hadn’t. Well an awful lot of people spend most of their day stuck […]

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» E-Learning Java Language Online

Java language tutorials are available online for e-learning java language which makes it easy for java developers to learn java on their computers. The biggest advantage of e-learning java programming is that developers can use electronic examples straight away in their computers by just copying and pasting code into the java code interface.Java irge is […]

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» Free laptops? Too good to be true?

I’ve seen in the news quite a lot of places are offering free laptops, for signing up to everything from broadband to a new mobile phone contract. Because I’m just an old-fashioned cynic at heart (and because the sums don’t add up!) I decided to investigate. Firstly, the laptop in question – I picked on […]

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» Cell phone ringtones

  The amazing thing about technology today is that we are no longer tied down to having certain cell phone ringtones. With the internet and being able to download tones straight to your cell phone, it has never been easier to enjoy your favorite songs. If you happen to be a fan of a certain […]

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