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Archive for March, 2008

» AOL Games Go Mobile

It has just been announced that US giant AOL are teaming up with mobile games company Cellufun to launch AOL’s first round of ad-funded mobile games. While the whole point of the service is to inject another income stream into the AOL coffers it seems that the hedge off between ad-funded gaming and quality gaming […]

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» Devil May Cry: mobile version

Capcom is quite serious about harnessing the new mobile gaming market with its much popular Devil May Cry series games. It just released its PS2 version of the DMC3, which was announced last year, and mobile phone title Devil May Cry: Dante’s Awakening. The game is already a very big hit with the console audience, […]

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» Bikini Volleyball

With the summer approaching, nothing could get hotter than playing volleyball. The sheer word brings into picture the sunny beaches and scantly clad women. The game has all the things you could think of related to volley and the regular dose of strategy fed into the game play.

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» Suicidal Squirrels

     The much popular suicidal Squirrels series is now available as mobile phone game. For those who are unaware, suicidal squirrels are a story of 100 cute chipmunks, who have decided to commit suicide. The whole series is of 100 episodes. In addition, the best part is that the squirrels are laughing before then […]

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» Vodafone, Nokia push for the mobile Java standards

The world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones and the largest wireless operator of Europe have launched the initiative to simplify the Java standards for mobile phones in a move targeted to help the developers to create software for the multiple Java-enabled phones, thus providing the users with wider choice of applications based on Java. Under […]

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» Java Coming to iPhone After All

Sun takes a close look at the iPhone SDK, and decides within few hours that the Java Virtual Machine is very doable   Sun Microsystems is now planning to launch a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for the Apple’s iPhone in this summer, and “some time after the June,” as per the InfoWorld. This virtual machine […]

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» Tower Bloxx is a puzzle type game made by Digital chocolate studios.

Tower Bloxx is a puzzle type game made by Digital chocolate studios. The game is available on java platform, so that most mobiles can run it. It comes in 240x320pixel resolution for crystal clear graphics. The game runs in to modes- quick play called tower building mechanic and a city mode. In tower building mechanic […]

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» Motorola seeks mobile unity at JavaOne

Eclipse and Motorola will use a JavaOne conference in the San Francisco in order to unveil the open source initiatives present in the mobile development and in modeling, respectively. Citing fragmentation present in JavaME (Java Micro Edition) world, the Motorola shall issue the call to unify the mobile Java. It shall offer its Java sample […]

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