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Archive for March, 2010

» 10 Mobile Technologies for 2011

According to a new Gartner report there are 10 mobile technologies that enterprises should be aware of as we approach 2011. Among them are Bluetooth 4, the mobile Web, app stores and enhanced location awareness. Completing the top 10 are the mobile Web, platform-independent mobile application development tools, enhanced location awareness, wireless broadband, M2M technology […]

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» Robo Defense for Android

Got an Android phone and a few hours (or more!) to while away? Then you might want to give Robo Defense a spin. It’s a popular tower defence game by Lupis Labs Software with one or two differences that make it quite addictive. Whilst you have to build up your defences, just like in any […]

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» Mobile Phones – Best Deals and Latest Technology

Now is a very exciting time to be considering buying a mobile phone. Google’s Android has recently seen an update that opens up a whole raft of extra features, and at the same time Microsoft have recently released screenshots of Windows Mobile 7.

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