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2011-round up. Hello 2012 *waves happily*.

2011 has been a kind, difficult, enduring and strenuous year for technology. There have been some highs and lows in the year so lets take a small nostalgic trip back through the depths of this mixed year. Starting of with games (which is my forte so why not), it has been an incredible year-for some. Activision continue to make headlines with the same game since 2007 yet the profits are increasing each year. This year was no different which saw COD:MW3 rake in $1 billion so quick it beat Avatar (2009-James Cameron) making it the fastest selling product in entertainment history. The year has seen many closures of game studios including most notably Team Bondi responsible for the critically acclaimed L.A Noire. There was also the PSN hack….minor thing there only 70 MILLION accounts affected….

In handheld technology, it was yet another dominant year for Apple with its IPAD, ITOUCH and of course the IPHONE dominating the headlines as well as the sales so it seems. Apple seems to have a strong foothold into these markets where products are smaller, cost effective (debatably) and economical. Add to the Itunes store and the dominance does not stay there with Apple having more than one hand in the music field as well. Sony released the first Playstation control certified phone and despite some initial acclaim it has been most underwhelming.  The evidence is there for all to see that Sony are quite quick to release an XPERIA Play 2 after seeing the criticism aimed at the phone. The 3DS also released to also an underwhelming reception however over the past 3 months sales have been gathering a rapid momentum that has propelled it to surpass the original DS year one sales. One to watch in 2012 for upcoming software releases.

This year also marked the announcement and drip feed of tantalising information of Sony’s new handheld the PS Vita. It has at the time of writing been released in Japan for little over a week and has been nothing short of a success. Combining the use of smartphone interface with top notch graphical power along with a host of games not found on smartphones could make this a winner. Add this to features such as dual analogue nub sticks, rear touch screen and motion control could make this the best piece of software for next year. Just don’t look twice at the price… (RRP £230-280 dependent on model as well as bundle-DOES NOT INCLUDE GAME OR MEMORY SD CARDS which price at £20-60 and £30-50 respectively. Prices vary on model.) Not trying to put anyone off believe me- *wanders off and whistles innocently*.

Guys and girls, I hope you have all had a very good Christmas yesterday. Lets all remember the true meaning of this time of year that divine inspiration has instilled into each passing generation the principles of giving and receiving. Regardless of faith, race or belief -it is a time of year for all familes, friends and partners to give as well as receive. While the myth of the Christ still rages on, the notion that has been set years gone past still remains the cornerstone of our society as it ever has done before. As this is the last post of the year I would like to wish every reader a very healthy happy new year and I hope you all have a great year.

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