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Archive for June, 2011

» Widgets

The article will provide information on widgets such as Broadband TV News widget, Speedtest.net widget and Widget Television. Let’s see what a widget is. A broadband widget shows a user how good his/her broadband server is, does it live up to the promises of the advertised speeds of 8MB or 12MB for example. If a […]

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» JavaFX – Vbox and Stackpane

The article will provide a user with information on Vbox and Stackpane. The VBox layout pane is similar to the HBox layout pane, except that the nodes are arranged in a single column. The padding property can be set to manage the distance between the nodes and the edges of the VBox pane. Spacing can […]

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» JavaFX – Borderpane and HBox layouts

The article will provide a user with information on JavaFX layouts. A JavaFX application can manually lay out the UI by setting the position and size properties for each UI element. The JavaFX SDK provides several layout container classes, called panes, for the easy setup and management of classic layouts such as rows, columns, stacks, […]

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» JavaFX – scene graph and API

The article will provide a reader with information on JavaFX’s scene graph and API. The JavaFX 2.0 platform is a rich client platform built on Java technology and designed to enable application developers to easily create and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) that behave consistently across platforms. Scene GraphThe JavaFX scene graph is a good […]

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