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Archive for November, 2011

» Games not to buy this Christmas….

Christmas brings the best and the worst out of consumer buying. People will generally go out, venture into the local city-centre and buy what they require. Clothes, music etc- there just are somethings that are not worth buying as they co-exist in a juxtaposition with essential purchases. It is no different with games. Despite some […]

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» What games to buy this Christmas…

Ahh the end of year time…so much to buy for friends, family and loved ones. What off the lazy days at home when the snow is thick and the cold air is blistering? What of your games machine-will it get some attention over the holidays as something for yourself? Well guys and girls this article […]

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» Relationship Between Gaming And Cinema Part 3-Production

The final part of this series of articles looking at both mediums will focus on how the production values can result in a largely better product and field for development. Production in cinema has been nothing short of expansive as well as expensive however this is largely compensated for by the mass revenue that ensues. […]

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» Relationship Between Gaming and Cinema Part 2-Storytelling.

As part of this three piece analytical look at two of entertainment’s most profitable and coinciding medium’s, the focus moves onto essentially a core aspect that is present in both-storytelling. Both of these mediums have produced unlevelled creativity with this aspect that has been refined in several ranging ways. There are far ranging examples in […]

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