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Archive for December, 2011

» 2011-round up. Hello 2012 *waves happily*.

2011 has been a kind, difficult, enduring and strenuous year for technology. There have been some highs and lows in the year so lets take a small nostalgic trip back through the depths of this mixed year. Starting of with games (which is my forte so why not), it has been an incredible year-for some. […]

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» Games Achievements/Trophies-Is It Worth The Time?

Modern gaming has seen a community trend over the past five or so years which has created competition, bragging rights and pre-judegement on skill-achievements. Completed a game in record time? You get rewarded with a *ping* and a small box in the top right or bottom right corner shows up by saying congrats. Is it […]

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» VGA-The Awards And Reveals.

The video game awards, an annual pastime each year to celebrate the year’s best gaming entertainment. A growing critique of the show though is that the awards largely come second to the gaming press as well as chosen reveals for future releases. So didn’t realise it was on or just missed it? Have no fear […]

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» 2012 Games Preview

As with each passing year, gaming brings with it a catalogue of stellar and quality titles. There is no doubting that 2012 will follow in 2011’s footsteps as a prolific year but what titles are worth buying? What titles will be the commercial and critical winners among the masses? With the year upon us lets […]

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