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2012 and Film.


The standard of film is always improving with new possibilities and innovations to deal with as well contemporary narrative framework. The rage in cinema this year was the popularity and depth of comic book adaptations. This came in the form of Marvel Avengers: Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises. Both grossed over a billion dollars but The Avengers made half a million more. The two ilms also signified a diversion between consumers preferring The Avengers and critics preferring Dark Knight Rises.

It was not all about the battle of DC Comics and Marvel though. 2012 saw the brilliant and surprising in depth- The Hunger Games. The consistency and social intake of the film as well as the violence was well documented. Seth MacFarlane had his full feature debut as both actor and director with the smash hit comedy Ted. Ted looks to follow in suit of the massively popular animated series Family Guy with its no holds barred comedy. There was a 4th Ice Age which was as ever fresh and universally acceptable for all ages with brilliant warmth (no pun intended). Looper was a critical juggernaut with unanimous praise and quite rightly so. Sadly it did not get the widespread attention it deserved but a sequel may well be on the cards.  Also another solid sci-fi film without its flaws was the glorious Prometheus which managed to combine horror, action, fantasy and sci-fi all in one. Spiderman saw another successful reboot and Twilight has at last come to an end (we hope). Men In Black saw a conclusion to its lengthy trilogy spread over 16 years while John Carter was very nearly an expensive flop. The Hobbit saw a late and much debated release with much praise as well as criticism going its way.

Film of the year.

To be classed as the best film, best game and so on it is not what it does to innovate or to redefine. To be classed as the best in the case of films and games they have to do the best they can in the context of the film and production regardless of genre. There are the obvious oscar contender cattle that release late in the year while mid yearly releases are suddenly overlooked (Atonement and Shutter Island anyone?). For 2012 though it was all about 1 film. It didn’t make the most money and I doubt it will get a look in for acting awards (debate for another time?). Skyfall was the 23rd Bond film releasing 50 years after Dr No did in 1962.

Fluent, gripping, humorous and fundamentally British, Skyfall encapsulated everything that has made Bond such an accepted film series brining back elements from the better films in the series golden years. Daniel Craig showed why he is considered as the defining Bond with a performance that shows viewers a hardened but concealed side to Bond. His defiance in the face of the villain Tiago Rodriguez played brilliantly by Javier Bardem showed the direction of Skyfall by employing equally brilliant actors in different roles. To be summarise though, Skyfall is a joyous occasion in cinema and no doubt one of the landmark films in cinematic history. Casino Royale looked to be the brilliant modern Bond but now it seems a distant second best to Skyfall which has reshaped the face of cinema’s most infamous spy.



Film of the year- Skyfall

Surprise of the year- Looper

Disappointment of the year- John Carter

DVD release of the year- Drive

Foreign Language film of the year- The Raid

One to watch in 2013- Oldboy

Oscar Contender- Django Unchained



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