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2012 Games Preview

As with each passing year, gaming brings with it a catalogue of stellar and quality titles. There is no doubting that 2012 will follow in 2011’s footsteps as a prolific year but what titles are worth buying? What titles will be the commercial and critical winners among the masses? With the year upon us lets waste no time in analysing what is worth looking into.

MASS EFFECT 3 (MARCH 2012): Mass Effect 3 concludes a highly successful trilogy of stellar sci-fi space adventures. Concluding the adventure of protagonist Commander Shepard, this promises to be the first big game of the year on all platforms and is bound to make a hefty impression on the scene throughout the year. Players also have the ability to use a female character as the lead protagonist instead of a male. Will you buy it because of this? Doubtful….

FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 (JANUARY 2012): The follow up to 2010’s slightly dissapointing but nonetheless successful Final Fantasy, this sequel promises to create a proper Final Fantasy experience that wasn’t found in the strangely alien XIII. Expect dodgy voice acting, quality CGI FMV sequences, turn based conumdrums, big beasts and a colourful world full of intrigue as well as danger. A possible dark horse for the year it should sell very well to the diehard lionhearted legion of FF fans. Not saying I am one though….

METAL GEAR SOLID HD COLLECTION (FEBRUARY 2012): A remastered triplet of titles from the legendary Metal Gear Solid series. Consisting of 2002’s critically acclaimed MGS2: Sons of Liberty, MGS3: Subsistence/Snake Eater (2006) and the port of last year’s PSP GOTY MGS: Peace Walker. Already receiving rave reviews, this is a collection that no-one should ignore. One of gamings best console franchises this is essential. Lengthy action cutscenes, long dialogues, conspiracy, jungles, bipedal walking tanks, espionage, crazy battles I could go on here. Its a crazy franchise that possesses charm as well as the quality of action epics. Already brilliant this should be a fond trip down nostalgia lane.

UNCHARTED: GOLDEN ABYSS (PLAYSTATION VITA-FEBRUARY 2012): Uncharted is Uncharted. Epic, cinematic and fun, the series for the Playstation has been one of gamins defining series. This launch title for the sought after PS-Vita should cement itself as the most technically advanced handheld title for years. If you get your hands on a Vita then expect to be laughing at the wisecracks and seeing protagonist Nathan Drake inadvertedly blow stuff up ploughing your way through ancient history oncemore.

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