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2012-New Beginnings?

2012 is here. Drinks were downed while fireworks were being prepared to create a show in the sky. Memories were present while the people who have left have gone but not been forgotten. A general principle in celebration of the turn of the year can almost be applied to anything. Happiness, remorse, anticipation, hope and ambition surround society in what is to inspire people to do better or new this year. Well its no different in any industrial department especially in the media, technology and entertainment. What does 2012 hold in store for the companies behind the future of technology?

Well for starters, I hope the people that read these articles had a very good new year celebration and have high aspirations for this year.  For Apple, they have lost their founding father. Steve Jobs passed late last year after losing his battle with cancer yet the company that he has left behind will most certainly continue to uphold their tradition of innovative products as well as that guarantee closely affiliated with the brand. It will be an interesting year for Apple seeing how they march forwards and continue without Steve Jobs at the helm.

As previously mentioned, the PS Vita was released in Japan late last year to some positive acclaim yet sales proved to be lacking. While debut sales held up well at around 350,000, the second week only brought in a meagre 70,000. That accounts for a loss upto 80% of units sold in the first week. Although the 3ds had the same issues and was forced into an early price cut, could this tech-heavy handheld have to play savvy with retail and forced to cut its price? Watch this space…..

Finally, rumours are beginning to circulate that next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony will surface at some point this year after Nintendo announced they would release the WiiU this year. It would be a sensible move to announce the consoles since the XBOX 360 has been present for the past 7 years and the PS3 being 6 years. I would expect nothing less than an  announcement or something pointing in that direction. A console release would be unexpected admittedly but Microsoft and Sony will be wanting to build a base quickly much like the 360 did with a year and a half start almost on the PS3.

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