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Archive for January, 2012

» PS Vita “hacked” already!

2011 for Sony was suffice to say a mixed unspectacular year. The PSN (Playstation Network) covering; PS3, PSP and other Sony owned services was down for little over a month. Sony made a loss of around £170 million. Add the summer riots in which a Sony warehouse in London was burnt to the ground and […]

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» SOPA and PIPA Abandoned-Reaction And Concerns.

Lets get this out the way first. Under no circumstance is piracy forgiveable. The fact that people profit or manipulate someone else’s product, creative work etc for what is essentially theft is wrong. In this modern age where the internet is host to various manipulations and various forms of piracy theft, it seems right to regulate […]

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» Uncharted 3 Review: Maintaining greatness for the Playstation?

To define and refine are two conceptual meanings that can be rightfully applied to Uncharted. Define- Uncharted is an explosive cinematic game with riveting set-pieces combining that with 3rd person cover shooting gameplay. That is Uncharted as a whole though as defining the third entry into the critically acclaimed trilogy is complex. Refine- Uncharted 3 utilises previous […]

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» Why Call of Duty Represents A Worrying Trend In Gaming.

DEATH OF CONSOLE GAMING In tragic news, the latest Call of Duty sold a meagre 100,000 units upon release continuing the year on year decline of the franchise for the past 10 years. Is that statement believable? Is it a possibility? Personally that statement at this moment in time is laughable and speculative considering that […]

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» 2012-New Beginnings?

2012 is here. Drinks were downed while fireworks were being prepared to create a show in the sky. Memories were present while the people who have left have gone but not been forgotten. A general principle in celebration of the turn of the year can almost be applied to anything. Happiness, remorse, anticipation, hope and […]

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