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Archive for February, 2012

» PS Vita review.

The PSVita has arrived to acclaim, buzz and a plethora of potential for success. The new iteration of a handheld console for Sony is technologically superior than anything else that you can hold in your hands and play games on. It doesn’t matter that if it sells by the bucketload or by the fingernails or […]

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» PSVita Hardware Preview

The PSVita, possibly one of the most anticipated console releases in the history of gaming thus far is nearly upon the west. Launching firmly in the middle of next week (Wednesday 22nd), it will be intriguing to see how the technological behemoth will be received via the consuming market. Despite being visibly apparent that its […]

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» Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

Snake? Snakeeee? Snakeeeeeee!!! 2 classics from the last generation of consoles and 1 classic from the realm of portable bliss. 3 games for the price of 1 is always a sweet deal and made even sweeter by the sheer popularity of each title in this collection remastered in HD. The originals were all showered with […]

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» 3DS versus PSVita

Who says there is not room for traditional consoles in the handheld spectrum? You only have to look as far as the demand that consumers have for Nintendo, Pokemon and more oddly Monster Hunter. With the 3DS approaching a year in production, it is thrown into competition with the PSVita in terms of handheld gaming […]

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