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Archive for April, 2012

» Striking A Chord Between Gaming And Society.

Does anyone happen to read the Daily fail-I mean Daily mail? Anyone seen the presumptious and pompous rubbish they write about gamers as well as gaming? Without going into too much of a rant about one uninformed newspaper, gaming is a medium- a tool for interactive entertainment and rapidly growing into a cornerstone of socialisation. […]

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» PS Vita: After The Dust Has Settled.

The PSVita has been extremely well received by critics but that does not seem to pull the consumers in. Despite the whole raft of potential demonstrated by the new Playstation portable it still needs some “umpf.” A great line up that included Uncharted, WipEout, Fifa, Motorstorm and Rayman were all well received, sold fairly well […]

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» GAME Getting Back On Their Feet?

GAME has been at death’s door, on its knees begging for mercy at the hands of glorious pound coins (many millions of those). Flirting with a seemingly unavoidable fate, GAME looked like it was going to shutter its doors for good when the announcement of national store and job losses. Yet since then and the […]

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» Retro review: Final Fantasy VII

Often hyped as one of the greatest games of all time, Final Fantasy is famous and infamous to some because of the prestigious seventh installment. Selling well over 10 million copies on the PS1 and PC (around 9 of that on the PS1 alone making it the 2nd best selling game on the PS1),  it is a […]

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» Starhawk Beta hands on

Being the spiritual successor to the cult PS3 hit Warhawk, the underlying hype train is starting to build with a worthy game bearing the name (well part of) “hawk.” Having got my code in December thanks to an overly generous and supportive Facebook group before the beta was made public, I hopped straight into some online action. […]

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