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Archive for June, 2012

» Actors/Actresses That Deserve Oscars.

This is quite a subjective subject discussing should someone receive the titular award in acting. Some instances you have jam packed full of performances that should all win the same award yet only one can. What also of the foreign film markets? There are some stellar performances in films that ought to bag an Oscar (in the west anyway […]

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» Underrated Games This Generation.

Every generation of gaming or so (there has not been many), we have games that are undermined by their superior publicised competitors thus putting the games to the shade. This cycle of games since 2005/06 has seen some games that are brilliant and excel in more ways than one. This generation has seen a vast […]

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» E3 2012- The Verdict

E3 came and went pretty darn quickly this week and for good reason. The hype which promised much at the show did not in many ways deliver and the 3 main keynote conferences were all largely disappointing. So without further ado and after forcefully watching all 3, here is my thoughts on what should have been […]

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» Xbox@E3- What Can We Expect?

Sony and the Xbox will be gunning for supremacy at this years E3 (as every year) but this year may prove to be pivotal in future hardware. Last week, it was reported and rumoured that Sony were teaming up with a streaming company. Since then, most rumours have been about Sony but this has put […]

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