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Archive for July, 2012

» The Dark Knight Rises Film Review.

Outside of this entry into the Batman trilogy directed by Christopher Nolan, superhero action-epics has seen a revival largely through Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. It gave a cinematic sense of brutality mixing potential gratuitous violence blended with socialist theory exploring evil, uprising and anarchy. Batman Begins was a solid start giving us Bruce Wayne’s beginnings and motivations which left […]

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» The Room-An Insight.

Some of you will cringe, some of you will laugh and some will think what on Earth?- Yes, “The Room.” 2003 and directed by Tommy Wiseau. This is a film that has a split personality. For you see for those of you not familiar with this film…it is awful in every conceivable way. The acting […]

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» 2012 In Games So Far.

The bite of the recessive crippling financial state is hitting the games industry hard this year. Luckily we have had a casket of quality games released this year across all platforms and a release of the first next gen console (PSVita). Some titles have dissapointed. Some have over exceeded prior expectations and some are well […]

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» Cult Games This Generation.

Following on from last weeks article, this time I don’t consider the importance of certain games this gen whereas instead I consider the games that did not break leaps or bounds but certainly made a mark with a cult following of players. These games did not get the outstanding critical or commercial gains that other games have […]

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» The Defining Games Of This Gen.

Defining and categorizing games into what would be defined as the best and also those particular titles that stand out is no easy task. Lucky for you there is me to do this and what interests me about this gen is the level of top quality games out there. The progress in hardware has been […]

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