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Archive for August, 2012

» Infernal Affairs, Hard Boiled and Sleeping Dogs.

Infernal Affairs- arguably the best film to come out of Hong Kong on an international scale especially in Hollywood later being adapted into The Departed. Hard Boiled- John Woo directs with Chow Yun-Fat in you guessed it an action spectacle breaking the rules of the ridiculous action into what has been called “gun-fu” by Woo himslef. […]

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» Games To Look Forward To The End Of 2012.

For what has been by all accounts a less than stellar year for games in general, there are still games that excite us prior and near its impending release. So far this year we have seen Mass Effect 3 be both brilliant and controversial. We have had a fantastic HD  remastering of 3 wonderful Metal Gear […]

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» Good Multiplayer Game Modes.

Setting a trend into exploring what makes games tick for gamers, multiplayer is arguably the biggest incentive to play games with friends in the same room or strangers through the internet. There are certain types and modes in games that I have come across which can make a game distinguished and/or stand out in the online […]

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» The Best Games Ever Made!

Controversy, opinion and split decision. Yes- deciphering a catalogue of games born out of favouritism and turned into mutually accepted products of brilliance is a hard job for anyone. Lucky you got me here then! These games are not all necessarily my favourites but I see as the best of all time. So opinions at the ready and […]

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