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Archive for September, 2012

» Gangnam Style Taking The West By Storm.

I would not say I am the biggest music orientated person. Sure, I like certain genre’s and favour those in particular; rock, heavy metal, drum and base, 80’s music and so on. Never have I really indulged in K (Korean) Pop or J (Japanese) Pop despite having some knowledge of the languages more so Japanese. Songs […]

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» Games For Students At “student prices.”

Looking at the tagline some of you maybe thinking- “The latest releases at cheap prices, (OMG, OMG). Oh do tell…” As much I would tell you to open your eyes and use the internet, that is not the case. Instead, University is upon the vast majority of us by now and there are games out there […]

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» Multiplayer madness: Modern Warfare 3 vs Battlefield 3.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 stands tall as the quickest entertainment release in history to gross $1billion in revenue the quickest beating of Avatar’s record. As good as this instalment of COD can be at times, there is a certain air of tiredness about the series with the departure of Infinity Ward and the rise of Black Ops delivering […]

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» The Hunger Games Film Review.

Screened back in March in cinema’s, The Hunger Games hit retailers this week after a successful stint at the box office. Based on the popular book series and a trilogy already in the pipeline, their is no dampening the appeal of this film to any single individual film goer (that is if you are over 12). Likened to the […]

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» Dark Souls comes to PC. Also new MGS announced!

Anyone that has not experienced either Demon’s or Dark Souls well should! Both developed by tough as nails Japanese developing studio “From Software,”  both are renowned for their difficulty but also the expansion of worlds in the game and the restricted progression in the game. Coming in a generation of regenerating health, multiple checkpoints and aim […]

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