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Archive for October, 2012

» Skyfall film review.

2012 has been a belter of a year for films thus far. Hunger games, Avengers, Batman and now a Bond to top of the year. Daniel Craig as Bond has found admirers in his rugged ruthless portrayal of Bond. Broken by Vesper’s death in Casino Royale, he is found wanting revenge leaving destruction in his wake in Quantum […]

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» Top 5 James Bond films.

50 years ago, Dr No was released to worldwide acclaim and commercial success. Skip forward 50 years and the Bond series has now spawned 23 films with 6 actors taking the helm to portray the role of ice cool std ridden sophisticated British spy James Bond. Opinion is divided on the Bond films and can vary dramatically. […]

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» Machinarium review: Putting beauty into video games.

It is not that often that I can say that a game has truly gripped me not by its ambition or innovation but for its simplicity and beauty. Machinarium is a wonderful side scrolling point and click adventure roughly lasting at most 4 hours. It has not got the hours needed for replay value and its […]

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» The Host Film Review.

PSY’s “Gangnam Style” has made waves and headlines in the entertainment world as it remains to be seen as the most famous Far Eastern music to emerge from there to date.  The film industry in the Far East is internationally recognised with cult films such as; Battle Royale, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, The Good The […]

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