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Archive for December, 2012

» Highs and lows of 2012.

As we prepare to say bon-voyage to 2012 and say bonjour to 2013, lets remind ourselves with a semi-nostalgic look back at a couple of the highs and lows with regard to everything media-related. Highs 2012 was a good year for films. That much cannot be understated with; The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, Ted, Skyfall […]

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» 2012 and Film.

Overview. The standard of film is always improving with new possibilities and innovations to deal with as well contemporary narrative framework. The rage in cinema this year was the popularity and depth of comic book adaptations. This came in the form of Marvel Avengers: Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises. Both grossed over a billion dollars but […]

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» Game of the year and round-up of 2012.

Game of the year 2012. 2012 has been kind to gamers in giving a variety of quality laden games albeit with a few missteps and disappointments along the way. With 2 new consoles released, it seems that we are on the peak of the next-gen with the next Playstation and Xbox hopefully being announced next year […]

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» How Call Of Duty ruined the FPS genre.

A tad dramatic headline but the title nonetheless holds some truth. Granted one series of games cannot be held to reason to ruining a genre but Call Of Duty has not ruined FPS genre in a gameplay perspective or even multiplayer but instead most have held COD in high regard and most have tried to imitate […]

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» Call Of Duty 4: 5 years on.

COD4 celebrates its importance within the wider circles of gaming with its 5th anniversary and a reminder of its importance to the increased popularity with console shooters. Lets consider the state of games in 2007. Halo 3 was touted as the game of the year and in some corners “game of the millenium.” Other games […]

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