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Archive for March, 2013

» The Walking Dead game review.

Few games can boast to match their imperious franchise statures. The Walking Dead TV show is just about the biggest series on TV with an est budget per episode of $2.6 million. Yet the Walking Dead game from 2012 released as 5 episodic tales as a action point ‘n’ click adventure is more than a match […]

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» Is Bioshock Infinite our first great game of the year?

It should surprise no-one that Bioshock Infinite is the subject of sparkling critical acclaim. 10/10 and 9/10’s are reigning in on the game giving us the first real acclaimed game so far this year. It is good to see and if I am being honest much needed for the year. So far this year, we have a slew […]

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» Wreck-it Ralph and gaming cameos

Wreck-it Ralph is a decent Disney imagining of a socialised gaming conundrum. Similar in premise to Toy Story- what do the toys get up to when your not looking? It is the same premise here but with videogame characters. Ralph is a good character to work with. A reluctant villain wanting to change his outlook from […]

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