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Archive for April, 2013

» The SixthAxis model.

Gaming websites are something of a commodity mostly. The gaming scene is dominated by three main sites-IGN, gamespot and Joystiq which are all based in America yet are transnational. The three sites in particular IGN and Joystiq draw unfavourable controversy to their community. The articles and reviews are blazed out the world over in which varying […]

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» Place beyond the Pines review

Cinema fanatics will look to Oblivion and Iron Man 3 as the blockbuster films to see. That much is true-Oblivion is a fine above competent sci-fi thriller. However, for audiences that are curious as to how Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper fare in this crime drama of actions and consequences well look no further. Despite having […]

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» Hitman Absolution-evolution or a generic entry into the series?

Despite getting some not so pleasant reviews, Hitman Absolution is a blast to play emphasising strategy and planning to maximum effect. However there are complaints levied at the game when compared to its predecessors notably Bloody Money. The complaints don’t generally arise with regards to the gameplay but more so the story and the focus throughout. […]

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» Gi Joe: Retaliation review.

Gi Joe and film aren’t exactly the best pairing. Transformers-hasbro’s other main toy product has transferred into a much watched and sfx driven film series. Gi Joe (2009) set out with good intentions bit instead became largely pointless and laughable. Here comes its sequel which from the off sets out to be bigger and better than […]

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