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Archive for May, 2013

» Has Microsoft made next-gen Sony’s?

An interesting turn and pace of events since the Xbox one reveal on Tuesday has seen Microsoft backtrack on statements. They have come out and said that they have a place in the second hand market as well as the many other controversies. Conversely, Gamestop’s (US version of GAME) shares have fallen by over 10% since […]

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» Special post: Xbox one reveal.

The Xbox though it likes to claim has never ever been the premier console. The original was dwarfed by the PS2 and despite Xbox live being revolutionary, it took the HDified 360 to get the ball rolling. Despite in the early stages being eerily ahead of Sony, Microsoft made calamitous mistakes with hardware issues and more […]

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» PR failures in gaming.

PR failures are funny business and entertaining. In any industry, it is important to make the message and point of whatever it is that is being promoted proper and thorough. Sometimes, a PR failure can come in slight mistranslation or it can be just plain embarrassing. Here are a select few PR failures; Sony E3 2006: Now […]

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» Star Trek: Into Darkness review.

Ah Star Trek, the other sci-fi series. Despite having more output than Star Wars it is unquestionable as to which has gone the furthest in shaping sci-fi in film since both broke onto the scene. That was the 70’s. Skip forward and Star Wars is about to go through the reboot treatment courtesy of Disney. Yet […]

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» Iron Man 3 review-Breaking Iron?

Let’s be clear about this. Iron Man was the main Avenger leading up to the Avengers film-no doubt. Robert Downey Jr was/still is excellent as Tony Stark/Iron Man with the first film being a breath of fresh air at the time. Then there were the other films to make the ties for the Avengers film and […]

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