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Archive for June, 2013

» Film and Gaming 2013 so far.

2013 has been good so far this year. What certainly can be said is the lofty heights of 2012 has not been matched thus far in Film. However for gaming; Bioshock Infinite and The Last Of Us are entries in the pantheon of the greatest games of all time. That being said, there are releases in both […]

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» The Xbox U-turn opinion.

It was inevitable- Microsoft could not stomach the backlash against the controversial measures in buying the Xbox One which releases in November. Gone is blockage of used games. Gone is needing a constant internet connection. Gone is region locking. This has been touted around the internet as a win for gamers that want a system in which […]

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» The Last Of Us Review

By now, you will have heard that The Last Of Us is quite the game. Indeed with many critics citing it as one of the greatest games ever made perhaps as well as being given winner for game of the year. It is somewhat surprising in a sense considering the history with Naughty Dog. Many (including […]

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» E3 2013 review.

This was the E3 that promised so much and a tantalising look to the future of gaming-it delivered. The 5 keynotes were all strong showings for their fanbases (or fans of the games if you will) this year. It was far better than the past two E3 showings with new games, hardware and a real competitive […]

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» E3 Sony versus the Xbox.

Microsoft versus Sony at yesterday’s opening to E3 will long live in the memory for Sony gamers and for good reason too. However that does not mean to say that the Xbox One does not have a place. There is potential to succeed and after the PR blunders last month, their slew of games (not all […]

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» XCOM: Enemy Unknown review.

It is perhaps a commodity that strategy games that require intricate planning and execution are best placed firmly on computers rather than consoles. There have been the select few exemptions of course but the latest and possibly greatest to join that elite is XCOM. The game is set in 2015 when Aliens invade Earth and you […]

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» E3 2012-A reflection and what can be improved upon next week.

Last year’s E3 gaming conference was well…dull. The lack of any true next generation hardware such as the Xbox one and PS4 probably was to blame for this. The conference just felt like a fatigued attempt to keep people gunning about the current consoles. On Monday, E3 should be a treat for gamers. With new consoles, […]

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» Hangover Part III review.

A hangover is usually associated with drunken antics, waking up the next morning to find the damage done from the previous night. Despite not being a series of great films, the first two films employed the hangover effect brilliantly especially the first. The first film benefited massively for being the first comedy of its kind and […]

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