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Archive for August, 2013

» The top five games to look forward to this fall.

The games are coming thick and fast for this fall with the next generation consoles soon upon us. The end of year time is generally the most prolific for game releases. So here are five games for all console owners to look forward to and see what the fuss is all about. If you own a […]

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» Has the PS Vita finally lived up to its potential?

The PS Vita is without doubt the best handheld gaming device made. The problem for the past year and a half since the Vita’s EU release has been according to many the lack of games available. Couple that with the system’s security-it has not been hacked yet unlike the PSP which was opened with ease and […]

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» The most terrifying Film villains.

Film has the capacity to make us smile, laugh, weep and feel threatened. It is the villains of films that stay with us the most in my opinion. Sure, Film can create unparalleled joy and happiness. But it can also evoke other emotions at the other side of the spectrum just as strong. I can only comment […]

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» Hotline Miami review.

With all the fuss in gaming about new technology and innovations, there is a particularly big fuss over indie games. If anything, indie games represent the future of gaming. The industry is moving closer to imaginative and cheaper engrossing titles over big-budgeted behemoth games. Hotline Miami, originally released late last year for the PC made the […]

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» The Wolverine film review.

Since 2005-the last proper titled X-Men instalment, we have seen two prequels one of which focused on Wolverine in a period which has seen X-Men become less important. Call this a sequel of sorts-or a new entry entirely, this film chronicles Wolverine from his days in Japan during the end of World War 2 to the […]

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