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Archive for October, 2013

» PS4 Limitations.

Sony released an extensive FAQ yesterday explaining some of the finer bits of detail about the PS4. We learned that the PS4 has many limitations and the potential reaction could be damaging. So, I will take you through the limitations and see what the impact of this could well be. Limitations At E3, we saw […]

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» Beyond: Two Souls Review.

Beyond: Two Souls is Quantic Dream’s second PS3 game after the mystery thriller Heavy Rain (2010). What is clear is Beyond is divisive among critics and gamers alike. Much is left to opinion on this game and while it has many merits, it does indeed have flaws. How does it hold up though and is […]

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» Grand Theft Auto 5 Review

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released to critical acclaim, staggering sales records in which the game made $1billion in revenue in just 3 days. With all the hype and buzz surrounding the game, is GTA5 the real deal or is it another GTA4? Grand Theft Auto 5 just about reinvents itself completely away from […]

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» Why The PS4 Is The Console To Get.

41 days left at the time of writing until the PS4 hits the UK shores. Popular opinion shows that the PS4 has momentum amongst gamers even if crucial launch title Diveclub has been delayed. So why should you get a PS4 over the Xbox One? Here are a couple of key points to note about […]

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» The Best PS3 Games.

The seventh generation of gaming was dominated by the PS3-Xbox 360 battle. As it begins to draw to a close, I have disclosed the top 5 Xbox 360 games as a gamer in which did not own the console itself. Here are my top 5 PS3 games. 5. Warhawk: There is a reason why a […]

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» The Best Xbox 360 Games.

As we draw the seventh generation of gaming to close, the battle between the PS3 and Xbox 360 was fierce. Opinions range as to who won -and which has the better games. But if you got either one-then your the real winner. Here are my top 5 games that I played on the 360. 5. […]

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» Battlefield 4: Beta Impressions.

Battlefield 4 will release next month on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly, the game will also release on current platforms PS3 and Xbox 360. The beta is live on current-gen consoles and has some major graphic differences from what has been previewed thus far for next-generation consoles. Battlefield 3 (2011) represented a fresh initiative […]

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