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Archive for November, 2013

» Xbox One: All Is Forgiven?

It seems that the best of us are quick to forgive and forget. The Xbox One launched yesterday in 13 different countries to good sales numbers exceeding more than 1 million sales. It just begs the question-was everyone too ready to forgive or was everyone too ready to hate on the console? May 2013 and […]

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» Launch Games and Consoles: Overview.

When a new console releases, there is a certain buzz to it like no other-the only feeling that could relate to it I guess is the feeling of getting a new toy, car or something you hold close to you. The PS4 has launched this week in America and with the promise of great games. […]

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» Gravity Film Review.

Sci-fi films and Space films have focused on stories that are larger than life. Star Wars on intergalactic battles to Alien that deals with aliens and those that need to survive. Gravity focuses on astronauts-not someone that is important or someone that has a bone to pick with an Alien race. This a film representative of that […]

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» Thor: The Dark World Review.

Marvel have kick-started some box office dominance now. With last years’ box office smash The Avengers and Iron Man 3 this year, the sequel to Thor looks to follow in the same vein in optimising blockbusting effects, visuals and sharp wit over depth and substance. It makes good viewing that much is for sure however […]

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