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Archive for December, 2013

» Films Of The Year 2013.

As ever, 2013 was an eventful year for Film. Much like gaming, Film has seen some outstanding films emerge as well as some familiar faces. 2014 looks to continue on in the same vein bringing us great films. For now, here are the top 5 films of this year: 5. Place Beyond The Pines: Beginning […]

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» Top 10 2013 Games.

2013 was a great year for games. Plenty of variety, new consoles, the return of old faces and some new ones-2013 also gave us one of the best games of all time. Either way, there was something for everyone in 2013. Here are the top 10: 10. Sound Shapes (PS4): A port of the game […]

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» Only God Forgives Review

Ryan Gosling and Nicholas-Winding Refn team up again following the 2011 hit Drive. Only God Forgives is a very divisive film with many peering reviews while other critics have snarled at the film also. What is more is film viewers it seems are also split in their opinion of the film. Only God Forgives is […]

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» Xbox On?

The Xbox One has made a a good impression in its release despite its problems and issues from the very moment it was announced. Here is some coverage and impressions of the Xbox One as well as also why you should consider purchasing one. The Xbox One is not a gaming console as pure as […]

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