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Archive for January, 2014

» Battlefield 4 Review

This review is taken from the PS4 version. Battlefield 4 has had a really rough ride since release. Hampered by bugs, rushed servers-the game has taken a real battering. Is it worth your money? Battlefield 4 is a love-hate game. There is plenty to admire and plenty to dislike. The multiplayer in this game (when […]

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» MAG-what happened?

MAG (Massive Action Game) was released in 2010 to be an ambitious massive multiplayer shooter on the PS3 capable of supporting 256 players in a single game. The game, developed by Zipper Interactive of SOCOM fame, had massive potential and could have been something very special. Skip forward 4 years and the game has shut […]

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» Playback: Resistance 2

With the new consoles here, it is a sad time for games that are on the wane. Sony have a habit every year as does other companies to shutter the online services for ageing games. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift was one of the first major games to shut in 2012. Now, the poor SOCOM games and […]

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» The Demise Of Nintendo

Arguably the biggest gaming staple since the commercialisation of gaming in the 80’s, Nintendo has stood tall and proud as an elite company within the industry. Catering for multiple types of gamers, Nintendo are well respected within the industry. Yet, after the crippling launch of the Wii U and the issues surrounding the 3DS, Nintendo […]

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» Killzone: Shadowfall Review

Killzone-a brooding dark Sci-Fi series which recently released its latest entry as a PS4 launch day exclusive. As the PS4 breaks sales records, Shadowfall is one of the faces of the PS4 and its quest for glory. Killzone is a series which is a stark opposite to Microsoft’s Halo. While Halo is vivid and vibrant, […]

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» Playstation 4-The Next Generation.

Happy new year and so 2014 begins after riding the wave caused by the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One. Both consoles have been doucmented, torn apart and no constantly compared against each other. Here is the Playstation 4  and my overall impressions of the console so far. The Playstation 4 is a very […]

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