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Sega brings games to you through your browser…for free!

Mobile gaming has now gone online, and not only that…it’s free.  Sega has launched a new website called playsega.com.  The site will allow its users to play a multitude of different Sega games that your mates probably went out and paid for.  If you want to have a crack at one of Sega’s arcade, word, car, puzzle, quiz or sports games then this site is for you, and no you didn’t miss read – it’s all free.

Some of the games that you will find on the site should please the token handheld gamer as you will find games such as Brain Assist and Sonic at the Olympic Games – last time I checked Sonic at the Olympic games cost a whopping £24.46 (Amazon) for the DS.  This site is starting to make me over-whelming happy that I didn’t shell out for the game just to watch it pop up for free over the inter-web.

Still I can be safe in the knowledge that the free games won’t be as comparatively as good as they are on the DS and that will make all those who actually paid good money a little happier.  A good example is the appearance of the Official Game of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games – mini.  I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone using the site that the experience will not be equivalent to that of a Nintendo DS.  The website is more of a ploy by Nintendo making sure that everyone who uses the site knows that they can get better and more through that popular Nintendo DS platform.

When you have registered yourself as a user, the site gives you the chance to play games to win PlaySega Rings that can be used to customise your profile.

Nick Pili, Sega Europe’s network business director, is claiming that the move by Sega is just a way to open the doors to both new and old Sega lovers.  He said, “Sega fans and new gamers alike can now come together in one place and enjoy some of our most exciting vintage and new titles.  There was a story out there recently that we have a locked vault full of retro Sega classics in Japan. Well, it’s true – and we’ve been given full access to a lot of the properties in it.”

Nintendo doesn’t have much to worry about in the current financial crisis.  Their DS and Wii consoles have been keeping up strong sales over the recent weeks, when everyone is supposed to be cutting back on spending.  Nintendo are claiming that sales of the highly popular Wii console doubled during the Thanksgiving holiday week in the United States.

Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, says that the boom in sales comes down to the simple fact that the Nintendo product is just simply THAT GOOD, saying, “When the economy is strong, people tend to buy three things from the top of their wish list. But when things are bad, people often buy only the first thing on their list.  Fortunately for us a lot of shoppers put our products at the top of their list.”

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