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32GB 3rd Generation iPhone On It’s Way

Once more into the iPhone rumour mill, dear friends…

If you were one of those non-believers who didn’t think Apple would make a new iPhone appearance this summer then you are in for a bit of a shock – 32GB iPhones are on their way!

We first got an inkling of the 3rd generation iPhone a few months ago when one slip up by the Program Director of the UAE based Etisalat telecoms provider, Mark Davis, hinted at a June release of the new iPhone.

Davis claimed that the iPhone 3G was set to appear in the UAE in February while the 3rd generation iPhone was set to follow in June with the launch of the device around the rest of the world.

“The latest 3G model will become available on February 15 according to Dow Jones.  And the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time,” claimed Davis in an interview with Business 24-7.

Rumour after rumour…

Since then there has been rumour after rumour involving 3.2MP cameras and video recording capabilities – well now we can add 32GB capacities to that rumour list.

T-Mobile made the mistake of placing the 32GB iPhone on their website under the “Coming Soon” section clearly proclaiming that the device was getting ready for a release.

There was no picture on the site, and no price either, but as bold as brass the iPhone 32GB Smartphone featured on the site sparking hope in hearts of fanbois across the world.

The iPhone featured without any further details either.

T-Mobile Austria

However, if you wanted to visit the site yourself I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to as T-Mobile have now removed the site without any explanation.  Perhaps they were hoping no one would notice that they were advertising the launch of one of the most highly anticipated Smartphones ever…they were obviously wrong.

The 3rd generation iPhone is being pipped to be revealed in June at the Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco next month, which would fit in nicely with Davis’s slip up.

The device has enjoyed massive speculation with regards to its key features, mainly involving the Smartphone’s camera and design.  However there are also keen hopes for a faster processor and more RAM.

However, one feature on the new iPhone that isn’t being given much more than a flicker of hope is the battery on the Smartphone, which provides less than up-to-scratch performance.

There have also been rumours that the new iPhone will sport an illuminated Apple symbol that would be reminiscent of the MacBook collection of laptops, although I’d rather have a battery that lasted more than a few hours than a unnecessary light that will suck power from the already tired battery.

32GB – Do you want more?

What do you think we’ll be seeing when the new iPhone rolls out of the production lines and onto the high street in June?  Do you think we’ll get the improvements we want?  Let us know…

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