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3DS versus PSVita

Who says there is not room for traditional consoles in the handheld spectrum? You only have to look as far as the demand that consumers have for Nintendo, Pokemon and more oddly Monster Hunter. With the 3DS approaching a year in production, it is thrown into competition with the PSVita in terms of handheld gaming on traditional levels. So what is worth buying more so than the other? Will the Vita be quality assured but commercially outgunned by the 3DS? Here is a speculative outlook of sorts (sort of)….

Nintendo 3DS: The 3DS got off to a rocky start with a high price for a nintendo console. Within 6 months, it was deemed a failure backed by some slowburner sales and criticism from the nintendo hierarchy. However this was corrected with a swift affordable price drop and it has been selling by the bucketload since. The 3D is more of a gimmick than anything else and the main selling point is far from essential. Distracting and often eye-pounding, staring at a small 3D screen for long bursts as well as moderate sessions can detract emphasis from the game in hand. Nonehtless though, the 3DS is affordable and made more cost effective with an improving software lineup. A poor launch showing has been countered with the usual nintendo fanfare from Zelda, Mario, more Mario, Snake and the residents of Zombie’s all in annoying 3D. Not the essential console it was hyped to be but an affordable handheld with the expected quality fanfare of titles that will be undoubted fun.

PSVita: The Vita has got off to a similar start to the 3DS well in Japan at least and has a lot of promise to offer rather than its counterpart. Tradtional games will appear on this console expectedly rather than the DS. Makes sense seeing as the Vita is more powerful than the PS3 and has dual analogue sticks. Graphical assets is probably its strongest aesthetic feature as the console displays its graphics on par with HD  consoles. It will of course be pricey especially given the wealth of tech and this handheld is not small. It is wider than the PSP but thinner and somehow lighter. The sensitivity of the sticks gives precise control as does the front and rear touch screens. Useful for aiming as well as precision as demonstrated in Uncharted. An interesting games lineup including Uncharted may make this a success in the West. If the games improve in the East i.e. Monster Hunter, it could reign supreme.

Time will tell whether the Vita can match the impressive showing from the DS. Ultimately on the technological scale, the Vita comes in hands down and the titles will reiterate this. What will be telling is will people respond to the Vita and approach it as they do with a DS.

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