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3G Tissue Box Camera System

Shafkat Shahzad - Senior Technical Content ManagerThe article will educate a user about 3G Tissue Box Camera system. This 3G Tissue Box Camera System is specially designed for streaming real time audio and video footage back to the mobile phone or PDA from anywhere in the world where 3G coverage is supported. Even under close examination the 3G Tissue Box does give away its hidden capabilities. The tissue box design would easily fit into any office or home environment and can be handled and displayed with complete confidence.

After it is setup a user can simply make a video call to the 3G SIM installed inside the Tissue Box System and the connected call will display full-colour real-time footage with audio directly on the handset. This hand unit uses advanced 3G camera technology to take this device to another level.
The 3G Tissue Box Camera is powered from an internal rechargeable battery with decent battery life of 250 hours standby and 4 hours video call time. If a user selects ‘Battery Booster’ from the drop-down menu then the installed super performance battery will power the unit for an incredible 1250 hours (approx. 50 days) standby time and up to 20 hours video call-in time.

With the motion detection recording feature it is possible to set up the device to trigger recording when movement is detected within 6 metres of the radio. Recording will run for between 1 and 5 minutes onto the concealed SD Card. At the same time the radio will send a user text message alerting a user to activity. If a user chooses to video call the unit at this time, a user will not only see and hear the activity as it happens,
Please note that these settings can all be configured remotely
• Remotely activate/Deactivate text message alerts upon motion detection
• Remotely specify time period for motion activation for example: set motion activation times from 9.00am to 5.00pm
• Remotely set a scheduled recording time in advance for example: start recording at 10.00am and stop recording at 3.30pm
• Superbly disguised in Everyday tissue box design
• Integrated 3G video camera and high sensitivity stereo audio microphone
• Absolutely undetectable. This is the only professional hand built unit on the market
• Watch and listen to the action LIVE directly on the mobile phone / PDA
• Completely portable and versatile
• Operates from anywhere in the world with 3G coverage
• Completely self contained
• Powers from in-built lithium battery up to a maximum of 1250 hours standby time – with optional ‘Battery Booster)
• No visible or audible indication of a connected call
• Record footage onto a removable 4GB SD T-Flash card secreted within the device

If a user has read the article then he/she would have learnt about 3G Tissue Box Camera system.

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