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3rd Gen iPhone – What To Expect…

What can we expect from Apple?

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone experience possibly right around the corner, it’s about time we have to start thinking about what we can expect from the third instalment from the iPhone factory…

Most of us are expecting to see the launch of the third generation iPhone by the summer of this year, but what can we really expect to get from the now world famous Smartphone?


Well, let’s start with the camera – there have already been rumours that Apple have bought millions of 3.2 megapixel cameras so we can expect to see the upgrade in the next instalment.  Furthermore we can expect to see the new iPhone ship with a better lens with manual focusing capability, and it’s about time too!

The current camera really harms the bragging rights of the phone as other Smartphones bring the likes of 8MPs or more…it’s time for Apple to get into the camera game!

Although the new camera won’t be a massive leap to victory we will still be able to take great pictures for the first time on an iPhone – 3.2MP is enough for everyone not looking to print images larger than the normal sizes, and that’s pretty much everyone…if you want big prints get a camera…duh!


What about RAM?  The RAM will probably be doubled from a meagre 128MB to 256MB.  I say meagre but it wasn’t long ago that I had a computer that ran on less than 128MB RAM so really if you think about it more RAM is just a gift!

However, if you like to run a load of apps at the same time then the more RAM for you the better!  Rumours have not only been pointing at an increase in iPhone RAM, they have also been saying that the new iPhone is set to be faster than a speeding bullet.


But what about processor power?  Quite simply we should be expecting to see a faster processor installed in the handset as well.  That means we should be able to fight off the likes of the Palm Pre which boasts fantastically powerful handling.

The iPhone already delivers a pretty strong 532MHz processor but we still want more and hopefully Apple will deliver with their new iPhone.  Apple has the power to supply processors that can bring more power but they had to control them due to their effects on the iPhone’s batteries…


And that takes us to the most infuriating feature of the iPhone – the battery.  Hopefully they will have spent some much needed time and money in the research and development of a new iPhone battery that lasts more than a day – if they wanted to do us all a favour they would let us take the battery out and change it when it died but of course they probably won’t…


Furthermore we should be seeing the release of 32GB and 16GB units with the rumours highlighting the possibility of flash capabilities which will finally allow us to take the capacity of the device to new limits.  If that’s not enough then the possibility of the introduction of video capability is a perfect little incentive to win over customers from Android and Palm devices.

What do you think?

What do you think about the rumours about Apple’s plans for the third generation iPhone?  Will you be swapping your iPhone for a new unit?  Are you looking forward to the summer?  Let us know what you think…

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