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4 iPhone Games That Are Actually WORTH Downloading!!

The iPhone Games That Are Worth Your Time

If you want to look at the best games available for the iPhone then we could be here for a while – there are tons of games on the AppStore and a lot of them are surprisingly good.

So instead of wasting your time going through the best ones out there, we’ve decided to look at some of the ones that really do deserve your time and space on your iPhone – these games are worth downloading, even if you just try ‘em and don’t like ‘em, it was worth it…


We all remember the original SimCity – how cool was it when you were 10 and you could control the outcome of a city from creation to success…now you can do the same thing on your iPhone.

This game was set to flop on the iPhone platform, instead it has thrived and has managed to bring the classic feel of the original game straight to your fingertips.

Electronic Arts has managed to bring the game to the iPhone including obviously simple controls allowing you to run your city just as you remember on your PC.

Dr Awesome

Yes, being a doctor is no longer cool, it’s awesome…it’s you against some magically colourful disease and you’ll find out if you are indeed awesome enough to win against the purple balls of bacteria.

Obviously, as the levels go on the disease becomes more and more difficult to fight off meaning that you have to evolve your talents with the iPhone as time goes by.  Making matters more real, the game goes through your contact list to provide “real patients” in the hopes that when you see “MUM” full of disease you’ll really sweat…

Bejeweled 2

If beautiful colours and fun shapes isn’t your thing then the amazingly fun game play will keep you hooked to this game until the rest of time.  In Bejeweled you have to swap coloured shapes with ones next to them in the hopes of making at least rows of three which zap away to make way for more coloured shapes.

The game will never fail to deliver and while other games that have tried to rip off the style are jittery and tired, Bejeweled 2 is fast paced and smooth.

Field Runners

You have a field filled with runners – that’s about it…you have to stop the runners coming at you by placing weapons strategically to fight them off.  This may sound like a big bore but there is rarely an activity more addictive.

Each level last no more than a minute so the game is fast paced and exciting and you get to change things up to keep things fun.  Watch as you protect your towers…

Worth Downloading?

What do you think of our list?  Are these games worth downloading or could you do without them?  What are your favourite games?  Let us know…

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