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4 Real iPhone Games For All You Real iPhone Gamers Out There

Real Games For Real Gamers

Your iPhone is a true legend in the portable gaming world – however if you are a hard core gamer then you are most certainly struggling to find games that will keep you happy.

There are a small number of hardcore games available on the format for hardcore gamers out there – have a scan through our list to see if any of the games featured take your fancy…

Wolfenstein 3D Classic

The first person shooter never felt so realistic back in the days of Wolfenstein – you were shocked and excited to have that gun sticking out from the bottom of the screen and you loved running around killing baddies all day long.

It was an amazing experience then and it still is today, even on the iPhone.  Battling Nazis, and making them pay, is always a fun day out – this version of the game is often labelled the best game available on the iPhone.  If you are into real gaming then this is the real game for you.


Originally, this game was one of the highest selling games ever made – back in ’93 it was a graphic adventure filled with mystery inventory items and puzzles to work through.

Although we wouldn’t dare loading this game today on our jet fast PCs, the game seems to fit nicely on the iPhone platform and you can play away the hours working through the stages.

Point and click games aren’t being called back into service by any means, but when you get a gem that manages to tick all the “real” gaming boxes then you can’t turn it away.


Back when Sega was a force to be reckoned with this little game managed to steal the show – today we struggle to remember just how successful it was, but one quick play on the iPhone reminds us at least of how worthy it is in such a position.

You play your way through a world of healers, pirates, wizards and princes, all in a JRPG format – this old school gaming experience manages to delight using the simplest of methods from the 80s when gaming was pure!

Spore Origins

This game hasn’t been out since the 80s, but it has managed to capture the imaginations of gamers across the globe.  You are in control of your own little monster and you watch as it evolves over time.

This game is perfect for every casual and no casual gamer out there who enjoys amazing graphics and ideas!  This version of the game is a largely shrunken down copy compared to the PC/Mac version, but it still manages to bring the fun and feel of the original game making this a winner on the AppStore.

Real Gaming On The iPhone?

Do you think the iPhone can be a real gaming giant?  Do you like the games in our list?  Let us know…

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