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4.1 version of Enterprise Ajax framework

Backbase, The Ajax Company™, today has introduced the 4.1 version of Enterprise Ajax framework. It is a Client based unique Ajax framework that operates similar to the application server in the browser. The 4.1 version emphasizes on the ease-of-use as well as brings additional functionalities with new applications drawn as samples, enhanced documentation and a fresh redesigned explorer incorporating the Ajax feature.

Some of those new features are:

Data binding system (CRUD) with XML/JSON
Advanced Ajax Debugger – Cross Browser
Enhanced Portal Integration (WSRP, JSR 168)
Bayeux support (Push)
Improved XPath support with SMIL and XInclude
API for Cookie manipulation
Superior support for JSF
Enhanced Documentation and Sample applications

Backbase Enterprise Ajax 4.1 operates similar to an application server within the browser. It integrally supports the prominent browsers including Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Camino, Mozilla and Safari. Developers can securely focus on rich quality internet applications or on developing widgets being aware that the runtime in Backbase will automatically be aware of the compatibility issues of the browser. It provides the reuse practices of smart code with the architecture relied on support on multiple inheritance and reusable object oriented patterns.

Enhanced Ajax Portal Integration makes the developers to incorporate the Backbase into the prominent portal server systems, as well as investing the portal standards like WSRP (Web Services Remote Portlets) and JSR 168

The new Backbase Advanced Ajax Debugger provides an uncompromising cross browser debugging environment which gives the developers the vital information regarding the internal operations of complex DOM and Ajax technologies. The fresh debugger includes: the Application Inspector, CSS playground, JavaScript console, I/O Logger and HTML inspector.

Working along with cookies has been made much easier. The new API for cookie manipulation is a new function set integrated to the framework that seamlessly incorporates the cookies’ usage into Ajax RIAs.

The Backbase Ajax JSF Edition adds almost more than ten absolutely new and enhanced Ajax components like Windowarea, Taskbarand more. JSF Facelet project is integrated in the Eclipse Plug-in.

The latest 4.1 version incorporates enhanced documentation and sample applications. The new documentation contains few tutorials on widget development, deployment and application. Various sample applications are added to expound the practices for best programming.

The new framework is much extensible and can be integrated directly with Portals, SOA, JSF, Spring, Struts or any other server platform. The Backbase Enterprise Framework incorporates a complete set of tools for development designed to enhance the productivity of the developer. It has a browser based debugger and an Ajax plug-in required for the Eclipse platform.

Backbase Enterprise Ajax 4.1 comes in three editions: a free Ajax Community Edition for deployment and development up to 2 CPUs and one server; and two commercial editions – being the JSF Edition (exploited for Java Server Faces) and the Client Edition (multi-platform).

Apart from the Enterprise Ajax Framework, the Backbase offers a complete range of RIA and Ajax Services, ranging from the design to the deployment. Customers rely on Backbase for global Ajax Technical Support, RIA Implementation and Design Services, Ajax Training and Ajax-based RIA architecture expertise. Backbase operates closely with strategic technology vendors and standard organizations to make sure that enterprise gets the best deal from the RIA investments.

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