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A look at the GTAV trailer.

For many, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is the symbol of  everything good and bad about gaming. The rugged boundless freedom of its constructed worlds sets the player in a quest to do whatever they wish be it good-within the confines of the game or bad pillaging and murdering. Despite the near universal negative press GTA gets in the mainstream, it is probably as console franchises go the best. And GTA5 looks set to steal the headlines once again. The trailer was released yesterday to much excitement and considerable improvement over its predecessor. So what’s new?

Technical aspects- GTA has never been a game about graphics or aesthetic design in terms of vibrancy or character definition models. GTA5 looks like a considered improvement over GTA4 with better and varied characters compared to past entries. With the setting being a re-imagined look at Los Angeles and California as a whole-it looks pretty darn impressive.

Freedom aspects- GTA likes giving players freedom. You want to play Tennis? Sure. Fly planes? Sure. How about some snorkelling? And throw in a submarine for good measure? Yeah-lets put C.O.D: Ghosts to shame for underwater exploration. Its ridiculous the amount that was highlighted and shown in this 4 minute clip. Hell you can even go skydiving. For mini-games though, GTA still has lots of catching up to do on the Yakuza series. Very promising though.

Gameplay- It looks fairly standard. Max Payne and Red Dead Redemption aiming/crosshair used. Improved cover-system and similar style of camera used in GTA4. However, the big feature here is that by controlling 3 characters, you can asynchronously swap between these characters at any point. They were shown to have their own lives outside of your direct control. One character is with his son enjoying a day off. The other is causing havoc with the police. Co-op here would be a super inclusion but I doubt it will happen. Then there is the driving, flying, underwater exploration. Yes. All fairly standard.

Multiplayer- Now with Watch Dogs on the loose, GTA, before this reveal did not seem as necessary or vital as it previously was. Now, it does and the multiplayer seems akin to the same one shown of in Ubisoft’s product. Free roaming looks like it makes a return and there were 19 visible players at once. Can it hold 20 players-maybe more? If they bring back some of the modes from GTA4 and RDR-it should be good.

Verdict- I will be the first to admit I have never ever been a fan of the GTA series. GTA4 came across as a fully realised but unimpressive world . Rockstar don’t make bad games but GTA hasn’t held that sort of connection with me before. GTA5 though looks to be much more vibrant and impressive than the 4th. Suffice to say this one is being pre-ordered.

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