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A Selection Of The Best Games On The G1

Gaming on the G1

No matter what AppStore you use, whether it’s for your iPhone, your G1 or your Blackberry, one of the most popular genres of apps is the gaming section – why?  Because games rock?  I think so…

Who doesn’t like playing games on the move?  Ever since the early days of Nokia we’ve been moving snakes around black and gray screens to get apples in the shapes of squares.

Today a lot has changed and our expectations have gotten a lot more complex – today we have touch screen Smartphone’s that do everything for us except make our morning coffee…

The following list is  some of the more popular games out there right now available for the G1 Smartphone – if you want to get hold of them they’re all out there on the Android Market just waiting to be downloaded…


Pacman is one of those games that will be with us for the rest of time.  It’s a pure winner with an addictively simple idea – you are a blob that has to collect little balls and run away from other blobs.  What fun!

This version of the game is perfectly faithful to the original, even down to the little joystick at the bottom of the screen.  If you want to get addicted to anything get addicted to this game!  Once you start munching you won’t look back…

Labyrinth Lite

How cool did you feel as a kid when you got your hands on one of those huge wooden boxes that let you manage to manipulate a silver ball with the aim of getting it through the maze without it falling through a hole.  Hours of fun!

This version looks nice on the G1 and comes with 10 levels to keep you busy – although if you’re anything like me you won’t make it past the first one.  You can even make your own custom levels so there is literally no boundary to your options.

Papi Jump

When you have a ball that rolls and platforms without edges you’re just looking for trouble!  In Papi Jump you have to use the accelerometer on the G1 to move the little Papi up level by level without having him drop off and fall.

Talk about frustration!  This game is a great way of losing a whole bunch of hours out of your life.


You might know the original Qix – Trap is the G1 version of the game.  You’re job is to split the level up with lines by touching the screen – you need to get a line across the screen without it getting in contact with any of the flying objects.

Hours of fun coupled with hours of annoyance – surely the main ingredients for any successful game?

G1 – Gaming Success?

What do you think about the games available for your G1?  What are your favourite Android games?  Leave us a comment and let us know…

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