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Ace Support Annual IT Support Cover

Ace Support is a national on-line IT Support & repair centre. Because they are on-line and don’t need branches in every major town or city of the country they can reduce our costs and offer you great deals on Annual IT support Cover for your PC or laptop. No more costly repair bills or call out fees!

For just £59.99 they can provide IT support, technical support, pc repairs or laptop repairs for 12 months. They will only charge you extra if the fault is not repairable on-line or you use their handy collection service

If you require new hardware or software to complete the repair, they can source it for you leaving you hassle free.

Ace Support repair more than 95% of all faults on-line without the need to collect your pc, or install new hardware or software. This means they can offer you the best quality of service around.

Ace Support know that most people put up with small computer problems caused by Spyware, and strange error messages because they don’t want to pay costly repair bills. Annual IT Support Cover offers you a way around that; meaning that you can call them for the smallest of problems anytime you like!

They can actually take control of your pc or laptop (with your permission of course) while you are on the internet, you can show them the problem you’re experiencing first hand. They then show you exactly what they’ve done to resolve the fault!

Use their Annual IT Support Cover service to receive a pc/laptop tune up free of charge!
By taking advantage of this service you can receive good quality help and advice regarding your PC or laptops performance etc. The first tune up you receive shows you the basics to you so you can perform the tasks on a regular basis. You will actually be able to watch the technician “tune” your computer and ask questions whilst this process is taking place.

Ace Support guarantees a 4 working hour response time for them to look at your fault. In fact they usually respond immediately unless they are experiencing extremely high levels of support calls in which case they will call or e-mail you back – they will not leave you in a queuing system!!

We are always on the end of the phone if you can’t get on our website or you would rather talk to someone

Call Ace Support on 08707 666 223 or, e-mail them on sales@acesupport.co.uk

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