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Actors/Actresses That Deserve Oscars.

This is quite a subjective subject discussing should someone receive the titular award in acting. Some instances you have jam packed full of performances that should all win the same award yet only one can. What also of the foreign film markets? There are some stellar performances in films that ought to bag an Oscar (in the west anyway as many get their national equivalent). Here is in my opinion actors/actresses alike that really should have been nominated or won  an Oscar regardless of their origin.

Choi-Min-Sik (Oldboy and I Saw the Devil)- I cannot state how well this man acts. The South Korean for these two films should deserve an Oscar for each or at least one. Why? In Oldboy, his stylised performance changes vastly within one scene with such ease- a difficult trait to master. The believability and the dead-pan style used akin to Takeshi Kitano but far more effective. If I was to lean to one it would be I Saw The Devil. The monster he has made in the film with such calm tenacity and audacious viciousness is truly remarkable and it should be seen but not for the faint hearted.

Kevin Bacon (The Woodsman)- Actors like Kevin Bacon often are cited for their mainstream performances such as Footloose and Apollo 13 whereas the Woodsman passed without much fanfare. It is the story of a paedophile dealing with life after being released from prison and the difficulty in readjusting to social norms. It is from the surface believable, extremely layered with depth and each move from Bacon, each silence and motionless glance exemplifies guilt, regret, remorse-all in one movement. Granted the film is a tad controversial for its themes as who wants to sympathise with someone of this kind. Yet it gives us perspective and Kevin Bacon gives his best performance in this film.

Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)- It is not often that a female actress delivers such a powerful performance not as a monarch or something patriarchal that strikes male dominance without being a monarch. Step in Noomi and what she has accomplished here is that European female actressed can be on par with the western females.

Her character in fact is succumbed to male dominance and with the power of earth shattering scenes such as rape and sexual lust, it is credit to Noomi that she maintains consistency in her performance and the trilogy of films has now become one of the biggest trilogies in recent years. Nominated for  a BAFTA but not an Oscar is odd. Sandra Bullock managed to win that year and yes her performance was good in how she managed to recreate her character yet on par with Noomi? No..no, no and no. Ironic that the English language version lead Rooney Mara was nominated yet Noomi was not. Either way, an excellent film and one worthy of any given person’s time.

Other notable Actors/Actresses:

Lee Byung-Hun (The Good, The Bad, The Weird)

Song Kang-Ho (Joint Security Area)

Michael Fassbender (Prometheus)

Takoko Matsu (Confessions)

Andy Lau (House of Flying Daggers)


Got any performances you like? Comment with your thoughts….

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