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An iPhone, Wii and PC combined into one iPhone gaming application

Perhaps the most innovative thing to happen to the world, since Barack Obama was elected to lead the free world, has come to the iPhone.  Just when you thought that gaming was taking off on the iPhone and the world of gaming was changing, I’m here to tell you that you’ve hit the nail on the head.  But a new software has been born that it going to take the iPhone a couple of steps further.  Imagine a gaming experience that combines the originality of your Nintendo Wii, the power of your computer, and the pure sensuality of your iPhone…mix all that together, leave it to settle for three seconds and you are given Zooz Control.

Motion sensitivity is at the pinnacle of the current gaming experience so it was just a matter of time before someone had the bright idea of using one of these tools to control the other.  As a worldwide gaming community we have had little interest in the amount of games we could play or the three-dimensional quality of these games for a few years now.  Instead, what we have really been looking for is a more dynamic experience when playing these games.  I think any one would agree that we’d all be happy with half the amount of games and double the pleasure and reality of the experience.

ZooMobile have been a great group of people and have seen that the iPhone, Wii and DS have been taking away a lot of attention away from our old friend, the computer, and thus have created a software to bring the touch generation and the computer closer together.  By downloading the free PC host software and Zooz Control Lite application for your iPhone, you will be transported to a place where you will be controlling a jumbo jet by pressing ‘buttons’ on the same device you use to call Pizza Hut with.

For now, we have the luxury of having a whole two games to test the software with: Flight Simulator X and Need for Speed ProStreet, but luckily plans are in the works to create a ‘Pro’ version of the software which should provide the user with a supposed unlimited amount of game presets as well as the possibility for user customisable controls.

There have been a number of different applications in the AppStore that have done similar tasks, controlling the computer using the iPhone, for example.  However, as I am aware, this is the first and only application that is available that has been created specifically for gaming needs.  Unfortunately the usability can be quite slow, and as explained, because the application is still in its ‘lite’ stages there are only two games available for you to enjoy.  Still, the idea has been born and although there are negatives about the software, we’re still in the early days of the application and I’m sure, given time to breathe, the software will become a must for anyone with an iPhone, a computer and no Wii.

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