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Android’s Top 10 Applications – According to Google

Google has spoken…

Google have released the Top 10 applications that have been downloaded through their Android Market.  It’s interesting to see what Android users have wanted to play with compared to iPhone users who have had the AppStore a significantly longer time.

The list comes quickly after Vodafone and HTC have announced a brand new toy coming to the market using the Android operating system “Magic”.  The Top 10 list could simply be a PR move by Google to double the amount of press about Android, but either way the list makes for a tidy bit of reading.

Here we go, then – the TOP 10 ANDROID MARKET LIST;

1.    The Weather Channel – Does exactly what it says on the tin…provides weather news and alerts and can be customised to your very own area.

2.    MySpace Mobile – Facebook users won’t be too impressed but standing firm at number 2 is the application that allows MySpace users to keep in touch with their chums.

3.    ShopSavvy – If you have ever seen a barcode and wanted to scan it and compare its prices around the web then this is your app!

4.    Daily Horoscope – Do I even need to explain?

5.    Free Dictionary Org – Again, if you don’t know what a dictionary is, then maybe you should be looking at getting your hands on this application.

6.    Ringdroid
–  A nice little app that allows its users to create ringtones using MP3 files that they have on their handset.  You can even record your own and work from there – delightful!

7.    Backgrounds – If you thought this application had something to do with backgrounds, then you would be right!  This app contains 50,000 backgrounds for your handset so you can change your style every single day, probably for the rest of your life.

8.    Barcode Scanner – This app works in pretty much the same way as slightly more popular ShopSavvy by scanning a barcode of a book or CD and up pop a number of different prices for the product from around the web.

9.    Save MMS
– Ever received a picture in an MMS and wanted the ability to save it for a quick chuckle later on in the day then download this application.  Pictures, video or sounds can all be saved for later enjoyment with this application.

10.    Compare Everywhere
– If you didn’t have enough options for comparing the prices of products, or the others didn’t do anything for you, then why not give this app a spin.  More of the same, and if you haven’t noticed, it’s not as popular as the other two, but it could be for you.

Seen something you disagree with?

What are your favourite applications on the Android Market?  Let’s even open up the floor for our old friends the iPhone users and let’s see what’s hot or not in the AppStore!  Be heard and spread the word.

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