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Another Xbox U-turn…

And Microsoft is at it again! At this rate instead of calling the new Xbox One, it should be called 180, reversal, gamer changer, I’maSonyconsoleinaMicrosoftbox. So what has been changed this week? Indie developers now can publish their titles on the new Xbox when it releases without having a publisher. Having a publisher for an Indie game somewhat negates the impact of an Indie game as the publisher can absorb most of the funds and rewards.

This move is as big as the second hand-policy on games. Simply because Indie games are cheaper and easier to make as well as margins are easier to meet. It was obviously going to happen. Microsoft couldn’t let Indie devs go to Sony. Now Microsoft are showing their true colours and somewhat accepting that they have been poo this year.

It is a shame that the internet and devs like Just Add Water (Oddworld series) to tell Microsoft that they are idiots. Because the 360 does not support self-publishing at all. The PS3 does in which is why many Indie games have appeared on the PS3 exclusively. It is good for everyone as competition is good for the consumer. Its good also because Xbox gamers are slowly not getting a raw deal compared to before.

One thing I believe that has not changed about Microsoft is their reputation. They have been awful this year-awful. They had a particularly strong E3 but was negated by Sony’s open stance without changing their minds. Ever since, people might cast and eye and think momentum is with Microsoft. Far from it. Its an open field now somewhat and the matter of preference comes in what games gamers like to play and what controllers they like to hold.

On the games side, sure Microsoft have a few third party exclusives like Dead Rising 3 and Titanfall. First party? Forza, Halo, Quantum thingy and erm….erm…ermmmm. I think that is something Microsoft needs to address badly. Their interior studios. Because they have so few. The risk with third party games as the 360 did this gen is they could always make the leap across to Sony. Mass Effect and Bioshock are the big games that did just that. It could very well happen in a year or so that Titanfall moves to Sony also. What would stop them?

Yet I praise Microsoft for appearing more sensibly now. There are the 360 fans will want their gaming no different from what they have had so far. I do fear for the Xbox 1 though. I think that this consumer reaction since E3 may have turned people completely to the PS4. People on the internet have mentioned Microsoft showed more games at E3 and have more exclusives. The thing is to those people Sony do half showing games at E3 and half at Gamescom in August as well Sony generally almost always dominates that. It would not surprise me to find out much more next month.

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