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AOL Games Go Mobile

AOL MobileIt has just been announced that US giant AOL are teaming up with mobile games company Cellufun to launch AOL’s first round of ad-funded mobile games. While the whole point of the service is to inject another income stream into the AOL coffers it seems that the hedge off between ad-funded gaming and quality gaming may well work in favour of the consumer. Cellufun have a great reputation in the US and currently boast a client base of over 5 million mobile gamers, who play regularly each month. The deal with AOL is set to send them into another league and not only increase their profile but bring in significant revenues at the same time.

While Cellufun has a quality portfolio of games on offer it seems that the main attractions will be Call of the Pharaoh, Space Wars and Ice Fishing for starters. However, as we approach the business end of the US Presidential election there seems to be demand for the politically-themed boxing games, The Mobile Ring, which has seen many players take on the likes of Obama and Hillary Clinton. This game alone has seen over 2 million mobile downloads in just over 100 days!

As the mobile gaming sector continues to grow, competition is becoming more and more intense and there is a real race to partner up with major players such as AOL, who can bring in massive numbers of new customers. The AOL mobile gaming service will be marketed to the US initially but there are hopes that this will be rolled out across the whole network at some stage, with the UK and other European markets high on the agenda. This development seems to suit both AOL and Cellufun perfectly and the early signs are that they will both do very well out of the arrangement!

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