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Apple App Store Plans Beta Testing for Developers


Something of a thorn in Apple’s App Store’s side was the amount of developers having a good old moan about the lack of a beta testing eco-system, which would allow them to identify and fix any bugs before releasing their games to the public.


Just a week after the launch, updates have started on various games, and even Facebook has admitted they found “dozens” of bugs, that they had to fix for the v1.1 of its app.


The good news is, developers won’t have to moan at Apple any longer (if you believe that, you’ll believe anything) because the tech-giant is planning to launch a new beta program, in the next couple of days, which will allow developers to specify up to 100 beta testers per application. Hooray.


“In order to download a beta app, users will need to submit their iPhone’s serial number to the developer, who will then need to flag its eligibility in the store itself. All betas will still be distributed through the App Store – you won’t be able to download one on an external site,” reported techcrunch.


If they are correct, it should mean that games are more thoroughly tested before they go on sale.

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