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Apple App Store to Launch on Friday?

Although it has not been officially confirmed, Apple’s App Store should be launching this Friday alongside the 3G iPhone.

Developers will have been franticly working to get their games to Apple before last nights deadline, so that they will be available to customers on the iPhones launch day,

Late last week Apple sent a reminder to developers, explaining that any apps submitted after the 7th of July would not be available till after the App Stores launch. The message was careful not to mention a launch date.

The reminder told developers to finish testing their apps with the iPhone OS beta eight before submitting them.

Mystery still surrounds Apple’s plans for launch day, in terms of what apps will be promoted on the App’s Store, and how.

In the meantime, UK operator O2 opened its 3G iPhone pre-order process yesterday morning only to have it crash – presumably under the sheer volume of customers. As of yet it’s still not back up.

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