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Are Games Like GTA IV Transferable To Mobile Gaming?

Mobile GamingWhile the gaming news for the last few weeks, and no doubt the next few weeks, will be dominated by the launch of GTA IV, many people are wondering if these complicated games will ever make it to the mobile screen. There are concerns that unless we see some major improvements in mobile gaming hardware, we may never see games such as GTA IV grace our handsets.

There are many issues which continue to cause problems when looking at transferring successful console games to the mobile handset arena. These issues include :-


The memory usage for many of the top draw console games is absolutely enormous and in the eyes of many it will be very difficult for the mobile phone industry to replicate the exact environment. Let us not forget what the handset is actually for, with much of the available memory already “spoken for”.


As yet no handset manufacturer has really been able to get anywhere near the capacity and sharpness which we see with the likes of the Playstation 3, Xbox and Wii. They also have the problem of playing catch-up with the console industry, something which will prove very difficult at the current speed of development!


While the likes of GTA IV are very much in a league of their own, even the simplest of console games have a “need for speed”. At the moment the mobile phone gaming industry is struggling to match this necessity.

While we may well look back in a few years and wonder what the concerns were all about, it seems that the games console market is developing at a rate of knots, while the mobile equivalent is very much lagging behind. Whether they will be able to make up the gap is debateable, but they will sure be trying their best!

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