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Aricent Takes Celltop to the International Market

After Alltel had Celltop exclusively for a year, Aricent is taking its solution to the international market, offering it up for operators using BREW or Java (J2ME).

Designed to make it easier for end-users to find and manage their content, Alltel has received many accolades for Celltop, but few have heard about Aricent. The Company is typically in the background, one of the “best kept secrets” in the industry, claims director of marketing at Aricent, Trevor Strudley. But the company employs some 8000 designers, consultants and engineers around the world.

Now that the Alltel exclusivity has been lifted, Aricent is in talks with operators worldwide and is quietly starting some trials. The Celltop software development kit (SDK) for BREW uiOne and J2ME handset platforms is also available for third parties, content providers and aggregators to create their own cells for the cell top platform.

Celltop is similar to shortcuts on the desktop, with “cells” taking users to various areas of interest, such as news or stock quotes. Alltel customers who have it on their phones can also customize the cells to their liking. Celltop comes pre-installed in the majority of Alltel’s feature phones.

Strudley said that users like is because it helps them discover and use content and reckons its beneficial for operators as they can increase data use and loyalty. The platform is available in multiple languages.

Celltop could be considered an on-device portal (ODP) or a widget user-interface framework, he said. While the iPhone has done much to increase usage of data for those customers who have it, Celltop can work on multiple phones, across technologies, he said.

Privately held Aricent was spun out of Flextronics in 2006.

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